“Fall Apart", is a heavy hitting, blues-infected, shredding tune meant to help us discover our inner strength when things get rough.

In life there are many obstacles that could easily break us if we let it.  But we all have a choice to either allow that to happen or pick ourselves up and keep going, no matter how hard it is at times.

Debut Single


“What a Shame” is the debut single from GABRIEL, diving into a hard rock sound that takes a modern spin on a classic genre. The thunderous sounds of guitars from Gabriel Metzger hit you right from the start, that lead into an emotive vocal performance from Phil Walker that strongly conveys the message of wanting to fix the rising tensions of today. Rounding out the song’s massive sound is the tight rhythm section of bassist, Keith Horne, and drummer, Jody Boyd. All of this contributes to the emotional music journey that will make you want to play the song on repeat.